The Morality of Resistance

Course Description

Learn how to combat the false narrative that it is wrong to resist tyrannical authority. Discover why resistance and non-compliance is a moral obligation. Get the knowledge you need to defeat the argument of slavish submission to lawless government. To get access to this course join Liberty First University by clicking on the Enroll button above

Course Video Lessons

  1. Introduction to the Morality of Resistance
  2. Obey God, Rather than Men – Gods Response
  3. Mother of Moses & Rahab
  4. The Example of Daniel-Part 1
  5. The Example of Daniel-Part 2
  6. The Great Commandments
  7. Believers Relationship to Government
  8. Gods Involvement in Government
  9. Final Thoughts

The Morality of Resistance does not include a workbook.

Runtime: 73 minutes